There is a certain static malaise that has settled into western countries since the end of World War II. In many ways, it is Fukuyama’s “end of history” although it can also be categorized by many other diagnoses. One of the final outcomes of this is a weak, pathetic class of men who not only do not exist to enact change on their surroundings, but fail to believe that change is possible. They live to consume or to produce in pre-approved ways, as dictated to them. In exchange for this lack of masculine spirit, they are promised (however falsely) safety, financial security, and all the hot commodities that will trigger all the right neurons in their grug-filled brains.

You and I all know men enamored with the façade. You may be one or may have been one. I certainly was in many ways earlier in life. Modern civilization, if it could even be called that, has coddled men from birth into this stupor that is only very rarely broken. The veil is often lifted over many mens’ eyes, though, once they realize the public acclaim for vitriol aimed towards them, putting the burdens of the world on their shoulder’s and the blame for the plagues at their feet. 

No wonder there is a subclass of the zoomer and millenial generations who are angry at the world, with no place to funnel their wild spirits. No wonder there is a larger class of these generations (and older ones) who are overweight, lazy, and perpetually unhealthy in all facets of life. This is not any way for a free man to live. 

Is what we are facing the result of evil and malice, a planned coordination directed towards making men complacent? Perhaps. I don’t believe it needs to be anything but the civilizational and societal forces that have emerged in the 20th century that make multiple segments of our cultures converge to these point. There is no use tilting at windmills and directing our anger at any shadowy figures or puppet governments. Most of the time you are simply masturbating to outrage porn on the perpetual wheel of indignation. Perhaps it is the only thing making you feel alive and less like an NPC.

I have started writing a book, which I aim to release in 2021, to provide men with a more comprehensive diagnosis of these issues and provide resources to surgically excise the tumors that have grown in your spirit and soul. What should you do now though?

The best thing you can do is realize that you are in a fight which you can lose. Don’t act under the assumption that a superman will come to save you – he’s not coming. Work to become that man yourself so that you can act as the superman for your family or community. 

The second best thing you can do is to help other men to realize this same thing. We need to be able to hear the ugly truth, digest it, and proceed with a level head to mitigate what happens next. Let us not cultivate blind hope but give ourselves and others a reason to hope. We have written and talked about the countless things all men should be undertaking before, but a short list of noble living is as follows:

  1. Practice the virtues.
  2. Strengthen your body and mind.
  3. Realize and learn who you are and who you are called to be.
  4. Build bonds of brotherhood with other men.
  5. Realize life is not easy and each day is a fight.

I would rather each man become as Alexander who surveyed his empire and found it lacking than like the man who aspires to mediocrity, convenience and safety. Contentment is another thing we will discuss down the line, but in order to avoid excess, do not castrate your manly spirit. 

Our civilization and the heritage our ancestors left us is always one generation away from disappearing. The past few decades have raised men who have pushed her to the precipice, happy to destroy the old for the sake of comfort. Do not be one of those men. Live nobly, strive nobly, and inspire others to do the same. More will come on this subject.

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