Editor’s Note

As the author points out, we must remember the original intent of the word barbarian as “outsider” and not in the derogatory connotation of someone unkempt, unintelligent, brutish, impulsive, or even degenerate. Restoring traditional western masculinity is not incompatible with becoming a modern barbarian.

Embrace your nature as an outsider of our decaying and corrupted, yet “civilized” culture. Go build great and noble things.


Do you have a moment to talk about Barbaric Vitalism?

The country we live in now is best described as a joke. A clown world. What’s up is really down here in the West. It’s Nietzsche’s transvaluation of values in real time. A laundry list can be made about all the things wrong with America, but that’s all it’d be — a laundry list.

The biggest program facing traditional, reactionary, and conservative men isn’t immigrants crossing over the border. Sure, it’s a problem but not the problem. The problem is within our ranks, our own citizenry, and even our own families. The problem is internal. At least half of the founding populace is convinced national suicide is the morally right course of action and this same half of the population is supported by every institutional power.

You can get mad and yell. You can point to principles or morals, but you can’t change the direction the country is headed. In all reality, if you cared at all about the “American way of life” you’re already a barbarian in your own country. It’s time you start acting like one.

Become a Barbarian

It’s time you start imagining a barbarian in the true meaning of the term. A barbarian is an outsider, a man who practices foreign traditions and rites. He’s not understood by or even considered civilized by the society he interacts with. But do you even want to be considered civilized by this clown world?

A barbarian is the sullen eyed Conan with his wolfish instincts and hardness. His eyes dead set on the throne of Aquilonia. He is an usurper. A shining example of Barbaric Vitalism, but Barbaric Vitalism isn’t just found in some fictional character.

We remember Rome as a m