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As the author points out, we must remember the original intent of the word barbarian as “outsider” and not in the derogatory connotation of someone unkempt, unintelligent, brutish, impulsive, or even degenerate. Restoring traditional western masculinity is not incompatible with becoming a modern barbarian.

Embrace your nature as an outsider of our decaying and corrupted, yet “civilized” culture. Go build great and noble things.


Do you have a moment to talk about Barbaric Vitalism?

The country we live in now is best described as a joke. A clown world. What’s up is really down here in the West. It’s Nietzsche’s transvaluation of values in real time. A laundry list can be made about all the things wrong with America, but that’s all it’d be — a laundry list.

The biggest program facing traditional, reactionary, and conservative men isn’t immigrants crossing over the border. Sure, it’s a problem but not the problem. The problem is within our ranks, our own citizenry, and even our own families. The problem is internal. At least half of the founding populace is convinced national suicide is the morally right course of action and this same half of the population is supported by every institutional power.

You can get mad and yell. You can point to principles or morals, but you can’t change the direction the country is headed. In all reality, if you cared at all about the “American way of life” you’re already a barbarian in your own country. It’s time you start acting like one.

Become a barbarian

It’s time you start imagining a barbarian in the true meaning of the term. A barbarian is an outsider, a man who practices foreign traditions and rites. He’s not understood by or even considered civilized by the society he interacts with. But do you even want to be considered civilized by this clown world?

A barbarian is the sullen eyed Conan with his wolfish instincts and hardness. His eyes dead set on the throne of Aquilonia. He is an usurper. A shining example of Barbaric Vitalism, but Barbaric Vitalism isn’t just found in some fictional character.

We remember Rome as a mighty empire the United States modeled itself after. But little talked about is how Rome was founded by a gang of barbarians. The first Romans were men without a city or women of their own. They had to steal the women from neighboring villages with cunning and ruthlessness in order to continue their bloodlines. Hardly a noble founding by today’s “moral” standards.

The men of the early Roman Republic exemplified Barbaric Vitalism. Their definition of virtue (virtus) was manliness. Virtue didn’t carry the connotations it does today. It just meant you were manly. The way to show your manliness to the Romans was through labor. Strenuous exertions and ordeals made or broke men. In Rome, you weren’t born a man. You had to become one.

Manliness to the early Romans was typically associated with physical power, vigor, vitality, energy, and heroic, violent action. The Romans compared to the many tribes that surrounded them weren’t that impressive. Their adversaries were often bigger, stronger, and outnumbered them. You’d think the way we’re taught about the Romans, they won most of their battles, but they actually lost many of them.

The Romans were known for their no surrender, never say die mentality. The Romans refused to admit defeat. They lost 50,000 men at Cannae at the hands of Hannibal, but still refused to throw in the towel. The Romans showed energy, vigor, vitality. They had the powerful desire to overcome. They would rather be killed off then live the rest of their lives as slaves. This is Barbaric Vitalism.

The Power of Barbaric Vitalism

Barbaric Vitalism is a state of mind you reach when you can see nature in its purest form. It’s, in part, seeing the world and life as Nietzsche did:

Life is an instinct for growth, for survival, for the accumulation of forces, for power.

Barbaric Vitalism is this powerful zeal for life. It’s the feeling Conan must have felt as he strangled the life out of the tyrannical king of Aquilonia on the steps of his throne.

Barbaric Vitalism is seeing nature at play and realizing all the bullshit feelings of the modern world don’t matter. It’s realizing nature doesn’t care about equality, decency, or who was where first — nature only cares about who wins.

Barbaric Vitalism is realizing you are a barbarian in your own homeland. You can’t just be the noble lion or the wolf, you must also play the part of the fox. Become tough and ruthless, but also cunning.

Barbaric Vitalism is physical culture. It’s becoming the living embodiment power and winning. While the herd spends its time getting fatter and more dependent on the system, free yourself from their control. Refuse their values. Stop caring about what happens to them. They’re not your people. They don’t want what is best for you or your family.

The easiest thing you can do to awaken Barbaric Vitalism is get stronger. The Ancient Greeks understood the importance of strength and power, which is why they banned slaves from training in the gymnasium. The masters who rule over us try to do the same, but through deception, not force. They want you to choose comfort and safety over the iron. They want you to believe strength comes at the cost of intellect, when in fact, it enhances it.

Barbarians wouldn’t let themselves be dominated like Americans are today. They would have the courage to say no and push back. They would stand and fight. This kind of man doesn’t just rise to the occasion, his life is already struggle. He’s prepared himself for the fight. His mettle already tested. This — for him — is just another challenge, another ordeal to overcome. You too, must embrace the struggle.

Any man who dedicates himself to physical culture becomes changed. Training teaches man to overcome, to test his mettle, to go to war. It takes just one achievement, one reached goal in the gym to reveal the power of Barbaric Vitalism and see the world as it’s meant to be seen.

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