The Library

A Compendium of Knowledge for Traditional Men

Over our lives, all of us here at Vital Masculinity have been shaped by many great and thought-provoking books, their words inspiring and aiding us on our journeys to manliness, faith in God, virtue, and strength. This is a collection of books from these various categories that are designed to inspire, inform, and challenge you to a greater and nobler way of life. It is curated so as to be concise and complete without being overly repetitive and is not ordered in any particular manner. 

Please note: This is not an endorsement of every single aspect of the author’s philosophy, his entire writing, or his way of life. We focus on author’s that challenge you to go against the modern paradigm and live more traditionally noble and masculine lives. There are some aspects of these books we may disagree with or accept with some reservation. Correction of this is found via your use of prudence and by taking this in as a library rather than as individual selections.

If you choose to purchase any of these books, please consider using the links below, as we receive a small portion of the profits from Amazon via their affiliate program.