Our Journey

“Nothing great will ever be achieved without great men, and men are great only if they are determined to be so.”
-Charles de Gaulle

Every journey begins with a single step…

Brian and Stephen, like many young men nowadays, have been put off by the modern notions of masculinity for years. Seeing the sorry state of many men who cannot function on their own and are stuck in perpetual childishness yet turned off by the alternatives, they spent years individually and working together sorting out what it means to be a man. Through thousands of combined hours of reading books and articles, watching videos, and implementing practices designed to make them more virtuous, they identified areas little discussed today and began to dive deep into classical aspects of masculinity.

The Hosts

The men you’ll be journeying with.

Stephen Sloyer
Stephen SloyerCo-Host
Stephen is an Orthodox Christian and relocated Yankee who resides in the great state of North Carolina. He can usually be found at the gym or in coffee shops reading old books and studying Latin. He is, most importantly, a happy newly-wed who loves to spend time with his wife Jessica and retired racing greyhound Zephyr.
Brian Murphy
Brian MurphyCo-Host
Brian is a Catholic software engineer who lives in upstate New York. He’s always on the move and is an avid rock climber, spartan racer, and practitioner of BJJ. He currently competes with Stephen to see who can read more books annually.

The Authors

The men lending their sharp minds and brilliant words to our journal.

William Christy

Nick Jamell

Nathan Smith