In this episode, the gentlemen continue their exploration of common misconceptions of justice. Many people associate justice solely with the legal system or a general sense of fairness. But did you know that the classical idea of justice extends much further than this modern notion?

Show Highlights:

  • Does mistreatment justify retaliation?
  • Why two wrongs do not make a right.
  • Why “live and let live” is not the ultimate philosophy for just behavior.
  • How if everyone merely does what is right in his own eyes, anarchy results.
  • How justice is not only righting a wrong after the fact, but also making just decisions to prevent wrongs in the first place.
  • Why is the just man not motivated by virtue signaling?

Daily Deed:

Think about how you understand justice, determine whether you had any of these misconceptions, and discuss these misconceptions of justice with another man or a group of men.

The purpose of these reflections is to begin to understand your own views, biases, and subconscious beliefs on justice. Before you begin to plant new, good thoughts and habits, it is important to weed the garden of your mind and soul a little. Otherwise you are liable to allowing these common misconceptions of justice to influence your actions negatively.

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