In this episode, Brian and Stephen offer a high-level overview of what faith and belief are, through the lens of Josef Pieper’s Faith, Hope, Love.

Show Highlights:

  • Overall misconceptions of faith.
  • The tie-in between faith and conviction.
  • The difference and relationship between believing and knowing.
  • The transition of belief from the “supernatural” to the “material” world in the 19th century.
  • Why belief can’t be half-hearted.
  • What is “mental unrest” that Pieper notes comes with faith?
  • Why can’t you rationalize your way to true faith?
  • How faith ties in to reality and why you cannot divorce the two of them.
  • Why you can still know things.
  • What is belief/faith?
  • Four prerequisites of faith.
  • Why we need freedom to rightly believe.
Faith, Hope, Love by Josef Pieper

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